The Awkward First Kiss


Episode Description:

Natalie and Dina up the cringe factor and get into the details on their first kisses. For Nataie, the experience was so shocking she suffered a fall (and not the romantic kind). Dina’s first kiss happened after a day full of build up and roller coasters! Laugh with them as they hope for better kisses in the future and long afternoons spent making out!


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Transcript for Episode:

[00:00:00] Natalie: All right. Hi, everybody. Welcome to the second episode of, to all the men I've tolerated before. My name is Natalie Catona and I'm

[00:00:32] Dina: Dina Alka.

[00:00:34] Natalie: And, uh, this week, first off Dina, let's just do a check-in cuz it was a big weekend. it

[00:00:41] Dina: kind of was. Yeah. This week has been a little crazy.

[00:00:45] Natalie: I wanna congratulate us for getting through election week yeah, hell

[00:00:51] Dina: week for sure.

Congratulations. We made it through everybody.

[00:00:56] Natalie: It was like the longest date of our lives. Um, and I hope that everyone was happy and safe during election week. And during yesterday. and today's a new day. Um,

[00:01:13] Dina: I'm glad it's over and we can move on at this point, you know?

[00:01:18] Natalie: Yes. I'm mostly happy for the closure.

Yes. And the new start mm-hmm . Um, but back to our topic, uh, just a small reminder to all the men I've tolerated before is a platform for Dean and I to kind of talk and discuss all of the men that we've come into contact with and how they really either helped us along on our journey or put. On a path of self discovery about ourselves.

So each week you will hear us discuss these men. We will either change names or omit names. And, um, then we'll talk about what we learned, how we grew. Maybe sometimes things we had to unlearn from these men and. We'll offer up some good vibrations and great manifestations out into the universe, and then we'll send everyone on their Merry ways.

So this week we're going to be talking about our first kiss and I went first, last week. Do you know? So I don't know if you wanna trade off or if we wanna keep consistent. Oh, you can go first.

[00:02:41] Dina: Yeah. Okay. Smooches. That's what we're talking about. Smooch smooches. Somos

[00:02:49] Natalie: everybody we're amping it up. If you didn't join us for our first episode, go back and give it a lesson. Because we talked about all of the boys that got our hormones raging and our first crushes that was exciting. Our first taste of teenage love or angst and how bad

[00:03:10] Dina: we were at it apparent.

[00:03:13] Natalie: And how horrendously bad we were and how we weren't set up for success.

[00:03:18] Dina: Exactly. Dang, it's just been a cringe F so let's continue on that cringe Fest

[00:03:25] Natalie: before, like, before I launch into my official story, I gotta know, like, did you think about your first kiss a lot while we were having crushes and. Laing for people?

[00:03:40] Dina: No, because again, I just think like that, I didn't think anybody would want to kiss me.

Like why would anybody want to man? I really hated myself. That's what I, I think I'm realizing through this. Like, did I just think I was the worst? So like the, well, what you wanted it, anything to do with me?

[00:04:02] Natalie: my conundrum is I also. like, realistically, because I am a Capricorn, so I'm logical and realistic.

So I realistically knew that no one would want to kiss me and, or have anything romantic to do with me. But I was so horned up that all I wanted was to be kiss you were

[00:04:26] Dina: like, so ready for it. I was so ready. Yeah. I don't think I ever was.

[00:04:32] Natalie: Uh, and then when it happened, I was so unprepared because of the way that it happened.

[00:04:39] Dina: Oh, I'm so excited to hear about this. This is gonna be so good. All right.

[00:04:43] Natalie: So let's go back in time. Um, I am either a seventh or an eighth grader. I'm in Northwest Indiana of all places and my family at the time lives in. Subdivision that has a lot of the kids that I hang out with. I am watching one of the season finales of America's next top model.

I don't remember which one. ,

[00:05:19] Dina: there's a lot of that. I do

[00:05:20] Natalie: remember that, right? There's a lot

[00:05:22] Dina: of there are like 20, do you something seasons or something like it's insane. it's insane. And I would just binge them. I was that same girl too. I would just binge America's next top model.

[00:05:33] Natalie: Listen, I, so this season I was watching live.

There was no DVR. There was no streaming. There was no Hulu the next day. Like if I wanted to know who my next top model was, I was going to have two. Give up my evening and watch it.

[00:05:53] Dina: that's true. Dedication. Y'all don't understand. Before you could control the TV. you just had to sit there in front of it.

for, do you remember

[00:06:05] Natalie: the TV guide channel? Oh my where? Like, it would start at two that's still exist and roll

[00:06:10] Dina: around you act like it doesn't exist anywhere. Still exists.

[00:06:16] Natalie: well, who

[00:06:17] Dina: uses it? Old people? In my opinion,

[00:06:21] Natalie: probably. Okay. Well, no fence old people, so, so I'm just trying to practice my smiles. And figure out who's going to be my next cover girl and my doorbell rings.

And this kid that I went to school with, like we were in the same grade and he lived down the street, he's at my door and he's like, do you wanna hang out? And I was like, no, , I'm watching America's next top model. Priorities and he is like, well, I'll watch that with you. And I was like,

[00:07:01] Dina: dedication. Okay.

[00:07:04] Natalie: Right. So I allowed him into my home and like, I was laying on the couch, like I'm not sharing my couch. So I'm like all laid up on my couch and he's sitting. In front of the couch, like he's on the floor, probably like where, if I'm laying horizontally, he's where my chest would be. Okay. Nick, am I setting a scene?

[00:07:36] Dina: Yeah, I got it.

[00:07:39] Natalie: And we're watching America's next top model. And I think during a commercial break, which I guess is the most respectful part of the story. Before I can even comprehend what's happening. His hand comes flying up out of nowhere. Grabs the back of my head, pulls me towards him on the floor and like tries to initiate probably the sloppiest middle school makeup session.

Like no one knows what they're doing in eighth grade. But of course I fall. I'm not graceful. oh God. So I like crash onto him. We kiss. I think I burst out laughing in the shock of it all. Oh my God. And he, because fragile male pride, because I'm laughing gets up. And like books it outta my home and starts running down the street, back to his home.

I, what, not comprehending anything, but going, this'll make a good bit at some point run after him. and just like scream down the street. Like, what were you even thinking? What I

[00:09:17] Dina: have so many, there are so many things happening in the story. First of all, do you think he, like he randomly came over? Did he make a habit of doing this often?

Or? I

[00:09:29] Natalie: mean, so my house was the hangout house, right? Like REM you have to remember, I had a hot mom. That everyone liked to take a look at. We discussed that in episode one and like my house always had snacks, always had soda. Like my dad shelled out money for the good cable. Like if, I don't know if this is still a thing anymore, like I can't get the landscape of like subdivision Hangouts, but.

You have like a handful of houses that you are always at? We were never at his house, but we were always like, everyone was always coming in and out of my house. Yeah. Yeah. So, okay. It, so it wasn't like, it wasn't like shocking or surprising that like someone would just end up at my house on a random weekday evening.


[00:10:30] Dina: But like, Dang. He went hard. He went hard, aggressive with that. Yeah. Like grabbing your head, like that's a bold move for a first kiss, bold.

[00:10:42] Natalie: And like, here's the thing about this boldness, this man, this boy had like no reason to be bold and his nickname. When, because he had also moved into our neighborhood and school district, I think from the south, um, his nickname was, this is gonna give it away for everyone.

I went to high school and middle school with, so his name, he was, his nickname was pigeon because that's the shape that he was

[00:11:19] Dina: he, he was a pigeon shaped. He was a pigeon shaped boy. Yeah, I'm trying to imagine a pigeon shaped boy. What does that even look like?

[00:11:28] Natalie: You know, he was, he was short. He was shorter than me.

[00:11:33] Dina: Oh, okay. Like scrawny a bit SCR

[00:11:36] Natalie: to him. Okay. Yeah. He a little booty to him. He had like a wild face, like a sharp nose. It just all seems, I don't

[00:11:47] Dina: know. It seems all very like sudden. like, yes, like almost like somebody dared him to do it or something, or like, he was like all of a sudden woke. He woke up one day and he was like, I'm gonna kiss somebody today.

It's gonna be Natalie.

[00:12:04] Natalie: Right. And, and I can't remember, cuz I can't remember if this was seventh or eighth grade. Like we did go. to our eighth grade dance together. And I don't think I considered it a date. I think I considered it. Our mom's trying to carpool

[00:12:21] Dina: oh my God damn.

[00:12:23] Natalie: Um, but he, but he like thought it was a date.

So throughout that night he kept asking me why I wasn't his girlfriend. And I was like, cuz I. I don't want to be . Oh,

[00:12:37] Dina: oh my God. Okay. All right. So there was something before this, it wasn't like completely

[00:12:45] Natalie: no ran. I think he had caught feelings and, uh, I had not, and I'm sure it was because of the numerous other crushes.

That we talked about last episode. He was also one of the boys who would pass around that girl. That mean girl. I was talking about like my crush and him would just date this girl back and forth. Oh

[00:13:15] Dina: yeah.

[00:13:16] Natalie: Okay. We were still friends after that and he dated my sister.


[00:13:20] Dina: wow. Okay. Well that's good at least, but you didn't completely traumatize him I suppose.

No, but. He sprinted down the street,

[00:13:31] Natalie: he sprinted down the street.

[00:13:32] Dina: I'm imagining like a forest gum situation where he just straight like bolted. Like he

[00:13:38] Natalie: was like my, his Bo his body's

[00:13:41] Dina: just stiff. Yeah. Doing the forest gum. Exactly. That's what I'm imagining like a hundred percent

[00:13:49] Natalie: he sprinted. Wow. Well wait, how was down?

Dina who would know

who, who would know ? Was

[00:14:08] Dina: it like a quick, like a quick like Peck or like a,

[00:14:12] Natalie: yeah. Okay. It, I think he went in. to make it sloppy. I panicked. And I was like, what is happening? I'm on the ground.

[00:14:25] Dina: that's a lot. I'm on the ground. dang.

[00:14:30] Natalie: And then I, and then I like scramble. Yeah. And I'm like, what was that? And then before I know it he's gone.

How do you even process that? Dang,

[00:14:41] Dina: he ninja that shit. He came in. it was a panic. He came and then he disappeared.

[00:14:49] Natalie: Do you think it was

[00:14:50] Dina: premeditated? I a hundred. From what you're saying, it sounds like it's premeditated to me. Like he woke up that morning thinking I'm sick of not having a kiss. I'm gonna do it.

Like it was like his goal in his journal for the day. See,

[00:15:08] Natalie: I've lived my entire. These 20 some years believing that I accidentally set the mood with like the couch laying and the like watching America's next top model and just being like, no, I'm not coming outside to play with you. Come in here. Young man.

Like I like cuz you know, girls are 100%. like adapted to believe like, oh, I caused this. Right.

[00:15:37] Dina: But here's, here's the kicker because that boy was willing to watch America's next top model when you didn't wanna play with him. And that's the part that makes me think he had alternative motives. It didn't matter that you didn't wanna play.

Cuz all he wanted to do was hang out with you so he could try and kiss you. And so he was, he forced himself. To watch America's next time model with you because no boy wanted to watch America's next time model. Was this a guy? Was this a kid that wanted to watch America's next time model? Like, no, see then that's what makes me think.

It was like he had it planned.

[00:16:18] Natalie: He

[00:16:18] Dina: came over over to get that kiss

[00:16:23] Natalie: and then when it didn't work out with me, he was like, well, her sister's a year younger and looks an awful lot. Like her. So that's the part that bothers me, like the easy transference of like feelings for one lady to another. I get all amped up about that.

[00:16:44] Dina: Yeah. That's not cool. No, to kiss you and then like date, your sister,

[00:16:52] Natalie: I've run into so many men where it's like, it's like anyone would do. like it happened in this friend group, like a guy was really dead set on one of my female friends and that, but like also thought that another one of my female friends was like into it.

So he was like, well, whoever would do. And like I told them, like right off the bat, I was like, I don't like that. The two of you are individuals. And they're like, well, it's fine. We both just kind of hang out with him and realize that no, one's actually into him. And I'm like, and I understand that, but like we're individual women.

It can't just be like, whoever is gonna fall for my shit first. Oh yeah. There are

[00:17:42] Dina: totally guys who like, which have it. Whichever girl is giving any kind of attention, whether it be. just casual. Like you could just start saying, hi, how are you? That guy will probably like, take it as a, uh, yeah, I'm gonna date this girl.

They'll they'll they'll take anybody.

[00:18:06] Natalie: They'll take anybody. And it's like, there's a same guys that swipe right on everyone in Tinder.

[00:18:13] Dina: Yeah. I don't understand.

[00:18:14] Natalie: and then are mean to you when you try to make a connection and they don't find you attractive. And it's like, well, I'm sorry we match. Yeah. That's the only way

[00:18:25] Dina: that's how this works.

That's the point of matching. That's the point of swiping it, defeats the purpose. If you just swipe on everybody and then get angry at them. Yeah. When they're not, if you think they're not pretty enough, like what?

[00:18:40] Natalie: Yeah. So that was my. First official kid.

[00:18:45] Dina: That's so aggressive. I know my God are you wait, I have a question.

Are you like a cuz that was very spontaneous. Mm-hmm where. It seemed to me from your story, that there weren't any signs that you didn't know this was coming. Like in that moment, you didn't know it was coming. And so like, are you a person that prefers it to be like more spontaneous? Like the guy makes the move or do you prefer it to be like, some guys will ask, like, is it okay if I kiss you or I'd like to kiss you or whatever, before like a consensual, like moment before the kiss.

[00:19:30] Natalie: I've never had a man ask me if it's okay to kiss me. I have . Huh? Well, I think it's so strange. I haven't, um, it it's, it's a mixture of both for me. Yeah. I love a slow burn. Almost a will they won't they situation? where it's like, me and the guy have known one another for a while and there's like just chemistry, pheromones floating through the air.

And it's just like, when is it gonna happen? And then when it does happen, like it's almost like this silently agreed upon thing. Right. Um, I've never had a guy just like, we were just like hanging. at dinner or had even dated a couple of times or anything. And they like flat out, just went like, Hey, is it okay if I kiss you?

I honestly think that that would make all of my Bumble dates easier because you don't know these Bumble people before you're with them. And like, sometimes I am all for like a kissing moment, but those goodbyes are so awkward. And it's like, do you fist bump? do you exchange numbers? Do you high five? Like, right,

[00:20:55] Dina: right.

[00:20:57] Natalie: I don't like making the first move because I'm an anxious mess. Yeah.

[00:21:04] Dina: I get that. There is something to like having the guy, like make the first move.

[00:21:10] Natalie: I will say that I won't make the first physical move, but I will make the first, like, Stepping stone move. Like, I'll be the one to amp it up from like fun banter to like full, flirty nuance, right.

Or like, I'll be the one to take art texting from like, Hey, how are you to like, do you wanna know what I'm wearing? Like right. You'll put

[00:21:42] Dina: the signs out though. You'll make it obvious that you want something to happen. .

[00:21:47] Natalie: Yeah, well, that's good. And then,

[00:21:51] Dina: well, yeah, because I feel like some guys can't pick up on signs.

So the, the more signs you give or like the bigger the signs are, and more blatantly obvious, then they'll like pick up the hint. But sometimes they don't too.

[00:22:05] Natalie: I also, I also believe that some men can't like fucking understand the absence of signs, like my mirror presence. and your life. Isn't a sign yeah.

[00:22:20] Dina: Yeah, no,

[00:22:24] Natalie: like watching TV and relaxing. Isn't a sign. No, that's that's what being one of the being one of the only girls who talks to you multiple times during the week, isn't a sign

[00:22:40] Dina: yeah, no. Taking a sip of my water. Not a sign, please don't kiss me. I just, I was thirsty. All right. So , um, guys, don't take that as a sign, please.

Please know the difference between actual signs and just existing

[00:23:02] Natalie: mm-hmm and, and now I have this fun stress response of every time I have a first kiss with a guy I usually end up laughing.

[00:23:13] Dina: Oh, God Uhhuh. do you have to explain every time that happens, that like I'm not laughing at this kiss? I'm just, it's a response, like an automated response.

So, Hmm.

[00:23:30] Natalie: The first time it happened with the guy, cuz I also like from eighth grade. Beyond. I went through this whole period of not being kissed because I didn't date in high school. And then I was in college. And so like the first time it happened with a guy who was like six years older than me. Like I wasn't 21 yet.

And he was like 27 and he was like my waiter at Don Pablo. And I would just like flirt with them. And then I gave him my number on a receipt and then I would only eat there. I would only spend what little money I had, but you know what Don Pablos had the best tortillas.

[00:24:16] Dina: So and you won either way, you were winning

[00:24:20] Natalie: the win.

So he came. to my dorm one night. Well, no, we went out on a date while I was home for the summer or something. He kissed me after that date and I just started giggling and I like didn't have the language to tell him why I was giggling, cuz I didn't know. Right. Like why am I giggling? Right. And I think it was just like, that was also the first night I found out how much older he was than me and how young I was.

I don't think he was prepared for how inexperienced I was, was the first man who got to motorboat me. Ooh. Eventually came to my dorm room, like made some hour long trip to see me in college. Wow. He also was the second man in my life to tell me. That once I started having sexual interactions with men, I would never want to stop he, right.

he right? He got

[00:25:19] Dina: it right.

[00:25:22] Natalie: He he, right. Um, but then my good friend that I had known for like six or seven years, we were drunk. I was. he came to pick me up because I couldn't drive myself home from the bar. We were at karaoke. Yeah. And my friend like left me to go to a bonfire with random people. She met and I was like, I need a ride home now.

so he came and got me from the bar, um, and he was leaving town the next day. So he thought that that would be an appropriate time to kiss me. And I started giggling. And when he asked me why I was laughing, I told him, well, because in high school, all you would tell me is how much of a germophobe you are and now you're kissing me.

So you have all of my germs and I thought it was the funniest thing in the world,

[00:26:19] Dina: like

[00:26:21] Natalie: why? And he was he's Natalie and I was just laughing. Why is it so funny? He's like, Natalie, I didn't think that like, your memory just recalled. And I was like, yeah, my memory just recalled, like all of the time she would tell me how much you hate yours.

God, that's

[00:26:42] Dina: hilarious.

[00:26:44] Natalie: Um, When my first study boyfriend kissed me, it was literally like a breath upon a rose pedal. It, he like threw me some M andm for Valentine's day. He's like, I got you something. And it was like this tube of M and Ms. And I was like, okay, thanks. And he is like, I got you something else.

And I was like, okay. and it like, and then he leaned over cuz we were in the car and like kissed me. And it, I literally reenacted the kiss on another friend for my young adulthood class, cuz we were talking about like the pressures of kissing in these novels. And I was like, one time I got kissed like this and it was like literally a whisper Leo whisper essence

[00:27:25] Dina: of kiss.

[00:27:27] Natalie: So I laughed after he got out of the car because I was like, that was fucking ridiculous. Like. 21 years old. Right? Why can't I just be kissed

[00:27:37] Dina: normally. Yeah.

[00:27:40] Natalie: And then I, with our mutual, no longer friend that I used to kiss. Mm. Our first kiss. I don't think I laughed, but I definitely like locked up and didn't know what to do with my hands.

Oh, okay. And then we didn't have sex, which was like the whole point of the date. We were finally gonna have sex because like I turtled up after the kiss. Yeah. We later laughed about our first kiss in bed. Oh, well,

[00:28:13] Dina: that's good. That's

[00:28:15] Natalie: good energy. I, I enjoy laughing. Oh, I do too. I enjoy laughing in.

[00:28:20] Dina: Yeah, I know some, some, uh, people may take it like you're laughing at the situation or like them, and then they take it personally.

Mm-hmm but like, I find laughter like in bed or just in general, like I find that to be like refreshing and like beautiful versus like yes, embarrassing or something. So. All right. I have wow. Interesting. all right. Is it my turn?

[00:28:51] Natalie: So should, yeah. Should you ever kiss me be prepared? I might have a giggle or two

I think that's

[00:28:58] Dina: kind of cute because. I think that's so cute. Aw. Like a little nervous giggle.

[00:29:06] Natalie: I love that. Yeah. I would love to know anyone else's like weird kissing quirks. Cause like here's the thing. Kissing is my favorite part of the whole process. Ooh. So the fact that that's when I have my stress response, like really bothers me.

So if you are listening right now, like please let us know, like, what are your quirky? Like I got

[00:29:29] Dina: to now, I. Do you straight punch a guy when they kiss you? Or like someone like, Ooh, what if your stress response was like, pop like right in the face? Like, or smack you're like,

[00:29:40] Natalie: thanks buddy.

[00:29:42] Dina: Ah, thanks, dude. Ooh, pop 'em right in the face.

Hopefully that's not your stress response. We don't, we don't condone violence people. Please relax a little that's new

[00:29:54] Natalie: to me.

[00:29:57] Dina: all right. So. That is interesting. So here's my first memory of my first kiss. So I can't, I don't remember. And you guys, I'm gonna probably say this a lot too. I have goldfish memory, like straight goldfish memory.

I can't remember things very well. Um, so this is the first kiss that I remember personally. Uh, but I may have very well had kisses before this. I'm not sure. Uh, we're gonna call this guy. Tom, what up, Tom? How are you doing? Welcome to the podcast? So, um, like many of my relationships, because again, I was a huge online gamer growing up.

Um, uh, this was some, this was a friend that I met. Online. We played world of Warcraft original world of Warcraft. Y'all like back in the day world of Warcraft, like vanilla. Wow. Um, for those wondering, I was a troll priest. This man was a yes. Yes, you can laugh at me. I was a troll. If you were a

[00:31:07] Natalie: graphic artist, please draw Dina as troll.

I will post all on Instagram. Oh God.

[00:31:15] Dina: So he was a tank, uh, a torn tank. So a torn Nally. If you don't know a ton's like a, a cow person. Like a bull, like imagine a bull. So he was a bull and a tank is like the guy that runs in first to like get the bus I'm sure. Yeah. Yes.

[00:31:36] Natalie: I do know the tank. Okay. Yeah. Cause their whole job is to get beat up so everyone else can do this.

[00:31:41] Dina: Exactly, exactly. And so Tom was like, he had that tank energy, you know, he was like the, the savior, you know what I mean? And he was like, quiet, very kind of quiet guy. Um, I was in like, I, I can't remember exactly how old was, I wanna say like 16, maybe ish. Okay. Um, and so Tom came to visit, we'd known him for so long, me and my brother and, uh, playing wow.

Online. So he came to visit us here and we really, you know, we had things planned. He was gonna like stay the night or whatever, spend the weekend with us. And so we decided to go to King's island. And so for those that don't know, Kings island, it's like this huge amusement park, um, you know, roller coasters, all that jazz.

And so we took Tom to, to the amusement park and we, we rode roller coasters. We played all those games. I think at one point he. like, we had been flirting online, but like, my brother didn't know about this. So it was weird that my brother was like there during all this. Uh, but I think at one point he won me like a, a, a plushy or something, which was like really cute.

Yeah. It was really cute. And so, oh God, this is like, thinking back on this, this is so cringy, but like we did this thing all day. Me and Tom, like where we were high fiving, each other, all. like just randomly when, when we were just to get to touch another, I don't know why we were doing it guys. I don't know if it was just like, we were like nervous and being like dorky, like, uh, high five.

Like I don't, I have no idea why we were freaking doing this and looking back on it. I'm'm

[00:33:26] Natalie: desperately also. and I'm sure that it's already a thing that I'll Google later, but like, I'm trying to think if there's wow. Porn. Oh. Between like trolls and cow people.

[00:33:37] Dina: Oh yeah. Oh, of course. There is. There is so much wow.

Porn out there. I don't know this from experience, but I have been told I should put that out there, man. I'm not coming off. Great on this story, but so we were doing this weird high five thing all day. Um, and. Eventually, you know, the day's over. We, we spend the whole day at Kings island, we go back home and he was gonna sleep on the couch.

So, um, we just kind of sat, you know, it was nighttime by this point we were sitting in front of the couch watching something on TV and like in the middle in the middle of watching the show or whatever. I can't remember what we were watching. My brother had already like, gone to sleep. I think. So it was just me and Tom, like sitting on the couch.

Yeah. It was, it was getting dark. We're watching TV. All of a sudden I do a high five, like we're sitting next to one another. And I was like, it was almost like the final high five of the night. And I did like, like a low handed high five. Right. Cuz imagine we're sitting on the couch. So like. I put and don't laugh at me, Natalie.

I'm trying,

[00:34:46] Natalie: it's like the co because I can see where this is going. It's like the cover of a John Green. It

[00:34:50] Dina: essentially is. So I do this high five again, and Tom high fives me and holds my hand, like, and I was just like, guys, when I told you I'm not a person that blushes or like, gets very, like, like embarrassed, but I straight like turned my head away.

It was. Blushing like straight blushing so much. I was like, Ugh, he held my hand and I was like, my heart's racing, my like adrenaline, his pumping, cuz I'm like, oh shit, like something's happening. I'm like, ah, like it's happening. And then, um, he obviously took that opportunity to give me a kiss and it wasn't like a huge like make out session.

It was just like a quick, like. Quick kiss. Like, I don't even think there was tongue or anything, but like that's how it happened. The cringiness the weird kiss could high fiveing and then the, oh,

[00:35:49] Natalie: go ahead. The main difference between like my first kiss and your first kiss is like, When I think of my first kiss, I think of like the, like the crazy music, but like, you're explaining me to be your first kiss with like the slow high five, the holding of hands, the blush.

And like the Titanic theme honestly comes into my head, like, do do. Did, I'm sorry if I end up saying during every episode, my love language is music. You should

[00:36:22] Dina: never apologize for that. Never . Um, but yeah, you're right. That's it definitely like was like an iconic moment. It felt like in my life it was like, and for me to remember this forever, it's like ingrained in my brain.

That moment of him like grabbing my hand from the high five

[00:36:42] Natalie: iconic as it should. mine again is just like forged into my memory because I'm like, gotta re remember that. Yeah. To make people laugh. But yours is actually like a beautiful moment, like frozen in time. And you got the slow burn. Oh yeah. It was definitely like the slow burn, like go to an amusement part knowing all day.

I'm gonna get

[00:37:08] Dina: kissed. Yeah, basically. And then, like, it was, again, it was weird though, because we were me, him and my brother were all friends, you know, we're all friends and hang out mm-hmm . Um, and, and then, you know, I didn't, I couldn't tell my family about it. So we had to hide it from like my family. So we had that like little taboo moment of like, I can't tell people, like, we're, we're sneaking around and like kissing.

So we would like, I don't know if you guys know, but like, I'm sure people know this there's some apartments have like a separate room for like, um, laundry and stuff. Like you have to go outside your apartment. But into another room, mm-hmm, basically in the hallway and that's kind of what we had at, at this apartment that we were living in.

And so we would, me and him would be like, I'm gonna go like check the laundry. And he's like, oh, let me help you with that. And we would go to the laundry room and like just kiss and make out scandalous, absolutely scandalous. We thought we were little rebels, like running off to kiss one another.

[00:38:13] Natalie: that makes my like horn dog romance, novel heart.

So happy that you like had to sneak away?

[00:38:22] Dina: Yeah, it was hot. We thought it was hot. I mean, there's something hot. It is hot about feeling like you're doing something that you shouldn't be doing. and like hiding it from people dirty little secret.

[00:38:36] Natalie: Yes. In the dirty laundry room. Oh, that's even better.

[00:38:40] Dina: Wait, why is the laundry room dirty?

That's where things go to get clean now?

[00:38:45] Natalie: Well, because you have to put the, the dirty laundry in the laundry room. Okay. And like, I'm seeing why your secret romance is like your dirty laundry.

[00:38:55] Dina: Okay. I'm getting it. It went over my head and I understand now. Thank. For clarifying.

[00:39:01] Natalie: Yeah, please, please immediately know my metaphors.

[00:39:06] Dina: sorry. I'll try harder next time. so, uh, yeah, we were, we were hiding our kissing adventures. Ooh. I think he even put me on the washer one time or something and kiss me shut. Yeah. Yeah,

[00:39:22] Natalie: dude. That's a bucket list, dude. I've never, I I've been propped up onto. Counters, um, coffee tables. Um, but never like the wall or the washing machine or anything like that where it's just like, Nope.

Gotta be now. Yeah.

[00:39:44] Dina: Yeah. That was hot. Literally. That was hot for sure.

[00:39:49] Natalie: Wow. All . Wow. All right. Well, and like, I think that's the beauty of having your first kiss when you were like 16, like. Essentially grown children. Right? So like you, you can explore some of the hot ways to kiss. Right. And like dry hump and shit.

Yeah, for sure. Not me though. dumb ass. Eighth grader just pulled me Dar. I was just trying to watch Ty. do you think that my first kiss is a direct link to me believing that Tyra is ruining dancing with the stars. Hot take . Yeah, probably Tyra banks is ruining dancing. I didn't

[00:40:36] Dina: even know Tyra banks was on dancing with the stars.

Like she's a judge. She's a, oh, she's a host. Okay.

[00:40:42] Natalie: Yeah. She's a. and I miss the original host because I don't like the way that Tyra keeps trying to bait people into having feelings. I don't like, it's like, it's like, she's constantly emotionally manipulating Nel and I'm like, leave Nelly alone. He's already outta his comfort zone.

He's already dancing a Fox truck. Like. Leave Nelly alone. And she's like constantly, just like, so you did a Foxtrot, how would your baby feel about that? Huh. And then she like wants you to talk about your like partner who you haven't seen in weeks because you're quarantined because dancing with the stars and it's like, leave me alone.

I wanna do the foxtro and I wanna get my

[00:41:33] Dina: scores. Thanks, Tyra for ruining, dancing with the stars and all of our first kisses, basically. Right.

[00:41:40] Natalie: Thanks Tyra. Well, .

[00:41:42] Dina: Wow. I'm so glad we have someone to blame though. It's Tyra.

[00:41:46] Natalie: Um, who did we? Yeah, it it's Tyra. Have we blamed someone every episode? I don't know. I think last week I

[00:41:53] Dina: blamed, but now I'm gonna find someone to blame every episode, for

[00:41:58] Natalie: sure.

I think last week I blamed like the bachelorette franchise. I was like, maybe if I had stopped. Watching the bachelorette 15 years ago, I wouldn't feel so competitive with other women. That's

[00:42:12] Dina: true. Oh my God. We're finding all the reason, like the, the reason that we are the way we are

[00:42:18] Natalie: Tyra banks and spoiler alert.

It's the media. , it's the media

[00:42:24] Dina: guys, rage against the machines, everybody

[00:42:27] Natalie: raising. So. did your like first kiss and that secret, like romance, did it set up anything that would trickle into other relationships?

[00:42:39] Dina: I feel like I, well, I didn't, I never like to do, um, that like lovey stuff in public or like, I'm not a PDA person.

I like I'll kiss someone like a quick kiss, you know, but I'm not gonna. Be touchy or anything super in public. So I feel like that kind of lingers throughout most of my relationships is like, I feel like you gotta do most of that stuff in private and not in public mm-hmm . And so, um, but there is that, um, I still really like the.

The wanting looks that you'll pass each other, like, like, you know, you know, you'll make eye contact with the person you're like thinking something dirty and nobody else knows, but you guys know it. You know what I'm saying?

[00:43:30] Natalie: And it, and it's so much better with texting now because now you can just like shoot off a, like, you can just like, look at someone from across the like, social gathering that you're at.

You don't even have to say anything. Like sometimes I'll just like text, you know,

[00:43:45] Dina: Right. There is something about making a guy in particular like uncomfortably turned on or like excited Uhhuh, like a group of people. Mm-hmm

[00:43:57] Natalie: that's me. Oh, no, I love that power trip. Oh my God. I love that power trip because so good.

It's like, I, I can walk this. Turned on and no one really knows it. Right, exactly. Like I have a padded bra. So like, those parts are gonna be under control. Like no one can actually see when my girl is all hot and bothered. Right. But with men, there are physical indicators. If I've made you

[00:44:28] Dina: turned on. Oh yeah.

And I, it is so much fun to make them like squirm in public. And or one out for the dudes who have to like hide their boners and shit in public that sucks. Like I cannot imagine if I had a thing in my pants that literally would just tell everybody, hi guys, I'm ready to go. Like that sucks. That's gonna suck everybody knowing that you're like, turn on.

still love doing it. It's not gonna stop me still out for them trying hide their stop me.

[00:45:09] Natalie: like, do you have a preferred kissing type? Like what's your like preferred I don't,

[00:45:18] Dina: we're gonna. Yeah, I I'm. Hmm. I, that's an interesting question because I don't like a super, super aggressive, like, I've had a few people who kiss, like they're sticking their whole mouth down your damn throat and I'm like, oh yeah, whoa, whoa.

I've literally had to step back a few times and, and like do a cute little, like, whisper, like. Slow down, calm down, like, you know, cuz they go a little too ham, a little too fast and that's like, ah, like I can't handle it. So, um, I prefer like a long kiss, but that's more soft and, and you know, a deep kiss, but not like a, I'm gonna steal your soul kiss.

Like sucking everything outta you like that. Shit's too much. I don't like that. What about you? It's your

[00:46:09] Natalie: preference? I recently got made fun of on a friends trip because I admitted in what I thought was a safe place. oh, no, that like my favorite thing to do on the entire planet is to give away entire afternoons to making out, like, I love nothing better than to just like spread out on the couch and we're gonna make.

And there's gonna be heavy petting and like, feeling me up is like the quickest way to get me going. Yeah. Besides that like slow burn, like playing around in a social setting place. Like. feeling me up like any like amount of touch or pressure on my body. And like, my friends were like, you are 31 years old.

Why is making out your favorite part? And it was like, I didn't get to make out a lot in high school. Yeah. Or in college, like in the grand scheme of things, I haven't had that many partners and I take gaps in between partners. Because I'm still trying to figure all my shit out. So it's like, I like making out it's fun and it's low pressure.

And like, I like a very confident kisser, like not a, I'm going to devour you outta my need, but I like. When you're just like walking towards me with a purpose and I'm like, yes, here it is. I'm here. Boy, I'm here. And I just like put both my arms up on the ground. I literally just almost fell outta my chair.

Oh God. I like put both my hands up and I'm like, here I am. Pick me up. yeah, I love so what, one of my ex-boyfriends had this move and again, I think it was always like, I initiated this move and he just took what I was thinking and went with it. But before we were people who were having sex, we would make out a lot.

Okay. And then he'd be like, I have to wake up for work. You gotta go home. And I am like, literally that person who like delays. Getting off the phone delays, leaving. Like I will just trap you into having more time with me. she's a bear trapper. Y'all so right. So we would get to his bedroom door and I would just like, look over my shoulder.

And then like turn one last time and he'd scoop me up and like, carry me back to bed. And I'm like, that's all I want. Oh, dad, I literally just want the power of like, all I have to do is like, look at you for a hot moment and you lose your entire shit. Yeah. Oh my God. That's hot. And it doesn't matter that you have to get up early tomorrow.

Like nothing fucking matters. When

[00:49:08] Dina: has that ever mattered? Who cares when you have to get. responsible people. Oh, don't get that. Can't relate. But you know, I dunno why they made fun of you for wanting to make out for so long. Cuz here's the thing like most dudes I've encountered don't want to do that.

They're just like, let's go, you know, they don't spend any time on the, as much time as they should on foreplay and things. Mm-hmm uh, but I don't know about you. I feel like you're gonna agree with me on this, but like the longer I make out with someone, like before we go any further, I'm like a waterfall.

Yeah. I'm like ready to go girl, by that time mm-hmm like, once we get to the, the thing, if we've made out for like 15 minutes or whatever, heavy petting, I'm ready to go, mama's ready,

[00:49:55] Natalie: was ready. And like, I wish we could get that to all of the men out there. Like here's the thing. Now that I've entered my adult sexual life.

Everyone just views kissing as the thing that you have to do, like two to three times before the big Chaba can happen. And it's like, oh no, like my body wants to prepare itself. Right. For the big Sheba. So like put that time in, making out with me and like rubbing up my entire body and like let's dry hump for a little bit to like, just really, I just like delayed gratification.

[00:50:37] Dina: nothing wrong with that. I don't think there's nothing wrong with that, but here's the thing, even if I'm not in the mood. if, if a, if a guy wants, makes out with me, like it initiates a make out session and I'm not in the mood, I'll probably get in the mood from making out. So it, I think it's worth taking the time to just do that

[00:51:00] Natalie: well, and like put in the time in breakfast, like watch me be eating by like bagel and then like, send me a little text message of something you.

to do to me later on. And then you think about, and then I have all day to think about that and escalate it. Dang.

[00:51:23] Dina: Mm-hmm what a mood? What a mood. All right. What are we? What are we manifesting? And taking away from us.

[00:51:31] Natalie: Okay. okay. So I have two. All right. I have two manifestations. My first takeaway is that making out is fun and people should do it more.

and now that I'm a grownup, maybe I should stop giggling every time a man kisses me, but maybe not, maybe I should just be honest about, I think you should. Why it's happening. Yeah. Um, so my first manifestation is for myself, but also for my first kiss. So I hope all my kisses and the kisses for my future.

Are wanted and without awkward surprise. That's good. Uh, and then I also hope my future partners embrace how fun and important the kissing and making out can be, even though we're entering further and further into adulthood, I still want to be making out well into my eighties. Hell yeah.

[00:52:34] Dina: Hell. Yeah. With no teeth.

Hell yeah.

80 years old, still making out. It's all gummy and weird, but you

okay. You

[00:52:52] Natalie: take them out. You're like, hold on, see more, see more.

[00:52:57] Dina: What

okay. I think for me, this was so funny, cuz I was trying to like, what are my takeaways? My takeaways are that I hope I'm a good kisser, Tom. I hope I was a good kisser. Does anybody else worry about that? I hope I was and that, you know, he enjoyed

[00:53:15] Natalie: it. Here's my account. Here's here's also a downfall. I don't think we ask enough questions.

No, I don't think there's not enough. Like, what do you like? Is this cool? Is this not cool? And like, we don't give enough feedback in the moment for sure.

[00:53:31] Dina: Don't be afraid to do that. I don't take that as like, uh, killing the mood or anything. I think if you want something to communicate with somebody, if like, if somebody's kissing is a little bit too much, You know, be like, Hey, like in a cute way, not in like a mean way, tell 'em to like, you know, slow down a little bit, take it

[00:53:51] Natalie: slow or in a mean way if that's what the

[00:53:53] Dina: person yeah.

If they're into it, just bash their face and tell 'em to be better. But if they're not, then, you know, take a, take the time to do it a little nicer, but, um, Yeah. I, I hope my takeaway. I hope to be kissing people in the future. That's I'm just like take that's your man of the

[00:54:13] Natalie: stage people,

universe D here. I'm just hoping that I get to kiss people in the future. Oh, God, such a low bar. such a, I'm gonna light a candle for you for that tonight. I'm gonna light a big candle and I'm just gonna, uh, surround it with roses and I'll do a little ritual ceremony so that maybe you get kissed in the future.

[00:54:41] Dina: I appreciate your sacrifice. That's so nice. So yeah, I just hope I get to kiss some more people in the future.

[00:54:50] Natalie: All the people I like. My secret manifestation is that one day I get to be the bachelorette, cuz I would make such good TV cuz I love a bachelorette who. And I would be like, there are very few bachelorettes who fuck on the show and then admit to fucking on the show.

and I'm like, I wanna make out, Natalie, why do you wanna be the next bachelorette? I wanna make out with everyone in the hot tub. Chris Harrison, tell you. That's what I want.

[00:55:19] Dina: You love that.

[00:55:25] Natalie: All right. Well, I'll do some plugs. Yeah. . Um, again, this has been to all the men I've tolerated before. Um, we have one other episode out so far.

It's about our first crushes and first loves that plays into our first kiss. Uh, you can follow us on Instagram at to men I've tolerated podcast. Uh, you can also follow me at Natalie. Kay. It's my first name last initial 1, 2, 4. Um, and I hope that you follow our Instagram because I'm going to be asking all of these fun questions and the more fun you have interacting with our social media, the more likely.

You are to get a shout out on our podcast. Yeah. Like we can't wait to hear about everyone's first kiss, first crushes, um, drawing Dina as a was, was it a Clara control, troll priest? A troll priest, a troll priest. Yeah. A troll for the Lord. a troll for the Lord.

[00:56:37] Dina: Yeah. No, I'm so excited to read, like what people's experiences are.

So please engage. Um,

[00:56:44] Natalie: for me, my and never be a. Never be afraid to DM us. Like I DM so many people. I have no business DMing, but you never know who's gonna reach back out to you.

[00:56:55] Dina: Oh yeah, for sure. And um, if you wanna follow me, my Instagram is Ms. Period, Cabo, miss Cabo. Um, I'll have links to all my other social media, my Twitch, where I'll, I'll be streaming games, I'm sure.

In the future. So, uh, please check me.

[00:57:16] Natalie: all right. Um, I'm also hoping to, at some point be doing taro readings for money. So if you're feeling any sort of uncertainty about anything that's happening, in 2020, and you want some TA clarification, please reach out to me. I need

[00:57:36] Dina: to do that. Yeah, that sounds awesome.

[00:57:40] Natalie: All right. Thank you. All right. Well, we'll see you all next week. Yeah.

[00:57:46] Dina: See you guys next week and, uh, stay safe.

[00:57:50] Natalie: Be healthy. Yep. And be kissing

[00:57:54] Dina: kiss. Everybody.

[00:57:56] Natalie: Kiss everybody.


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